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3rd Annual Dementia-Focused Practice Conference 🎉

The 3rd Annual Dementia Focused Practice conference location is TBD










Tiffany O'Connell | DFP '21 Attendee

"I just finished attending the Dementia Focused Practice June 2021 conference. I always learn something new attending these conferences. The speakers at this event were very informative and engaging. It was well worth my time. I am re-energized to make this a strong component of my practice. Thank you for a great event!"

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Executive Directors, Office Managers, and Firm Administrators play an important role in the workings of any legal firm. By taking off the pressures of daily operations and employee relations for the attorneys, these key staff members allow you, the attorney at your firm, to do what you do best – meet with clients and bring in the money.

Get access to more than 13 hours of training previously facilitated by Julie Shore on much needed topics in your law firm.